SK Sabir Boss Free Fire ID stats, K/D ratio, sensitivity settings and more

Free Fire is a popular free-to-play battle royale video game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena in 2017. Just like other battle royale games, players in Free Fire drop into a barren island, find weapons and eliminate other players to try and be the last one standing.

Its character-based game-play system is unique in battle royale games. In Free Fire, you can choose different characters to enhance your chances of survival. These characters have special in-game abilities. Since its launch, Free Fire has been a fan-favourite and became the most downloaded mobile game in 2023 while also receiving the award for ‘Best Popular Vote Game’ from Google Play Store.

Garena Free Fire has emerged as a global battle royale phenomenon due to its periodic updates and unique features. It has managed to establish itself as the pioneer of mobile gaming, with million downloads on the Google Play Store. The game’s journey to success has paved the way for many players and content creators to see it as a potential career option.

Free Fire is no doubt one of the most played mobile games in India and it comes as no surprise why several youngsters are paving their own ways to pursue the professional career of content creators and draw attention from the community.

You may stick to them for quite some time, and now we’ll be learning more about SK Sabir Boss, who is behind the popular YouTube channel ‘SK SABIR GAMING’

SK Sabir Boss is one of the most popular Free Fire content creators from India. In this article, we discuss his Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, stats and more..

SK Sabir Boss – ID Number :55479535

Because many fans still fail to follow SK Sabir Boss, you can look out for him in the game with this Free Fire ID: 55479535. SK Sabir is a member of the guild “BOSS” and that’s why it becomes a suffix for his nickname.

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SK Sabir Boss’ Lifetime stats

SK Sabir Boss already stepped into a total of 25086 squad games and has won in 8347 of them, with an impressive win rate of 33.27%. He has notched over 83 thousand kills in the squad mode itself. For the time being, the YouTuber has an awesome K/D ratio of 5.34. He is one of the best players out there.

SK Sabir has played relatively lesser duo and solo games. When it comes to the duo mode,SK Sabir took part in 2865 games and rose to victory in 596 of them ,with an impressive win rate of 20.8%. This mode accounts for 7784 enemies taken down by him and helps maintain an average K/D ratio of 3.43. SK Sabir meanwhile achieves 141 victories in the Solo mode after playing 1570 matches. He taken down 3202 enemies.

Ranked Stats

The number of squad games SK Sabir played in this season goes up to 1113 and has won in 291 of them,. He managed to register a win rate of 26.14% alongside 3052 kills and a mind-blowing K/D ratio of 3.71. The talented gamer also made his own way into 49 Duo matches and took back 6 wins.

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SK Sabir Boss – YouTube Channel

Feel free to visit SK SABIR GAMING on YouTube and give his channel a shot. In fact, the channel is home to 2.7 million subscribers and SK Sabir has garnered 109,124,775 views through it since he posted the very first video in September 2019.

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Click here to visit his channel.

SK Sabir Boss’ Sensitivity Settings while playing Free Fire:

Gamers are always debating over the best sensitivity setting for getting the most optimal results in their matches. On that note, here are SK Sabir Boss’s sensitivity settings in Free Fire:

Basic Settings:


Notch Screen-Off

Mini Map- Rotating.

Auto Scale-Off


General- 71

Red Dot- 70

2x Scope- 70

4x Scope- 71

AWM Scope- 50

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