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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds a.k.a PUBG has got to be one of the most popular online games this year. The game was recently made available for millions of other players by expanding to PS4 as well.

And although PUBG allows you to see your stats in-game, the developers have now shared an external application with which you can get a detailed look at your stats. Called PUBG Lookup, it is essentially a free website created by the community developer, and it lets you see your gameplay data.

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The website displays season statistics for each game mode with options to switch between Overview, Combat, Survival, and Recent Matches. The overview will show players their number of wins, kills, times reaching the top 10, total matches, rating, and more. Combat goes more into detail about the types of kills, shows how many weapons players have acquired, and the total amount of damage dealt by them.

The Survival page shows all revives, heals, boosts, travel stats, and both the longest and total time survived for the current season. Players can switch to Recent Matches for a list of their recent matches that includes the map, game mode, kills, and rank.

Besides these, there is extensive information available about specific maps and detailed leaderboard reports. Keeping a track of all these stats help players better understand as well as improve the game.

Create a Free Account on PUBG Lookup

Your email address is only used for authentication to PUBG Lookup. Your details will not be shared with any third party and I won’t send you any spam email.

  1. Enter Email Address.
  2. Enter your Password.
  3. Click on “NOW, LINK MY ACCOUNT” Button.
  4. Enjoy!!
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Here are some of the features that are available to registered users.

  • Player Dashboard : Get overview information about your past 20 – 50 matches.
  • Recent Match Statistics : Get totals, averages, and other match statistics for your last 10 – 30 matches.
  • Recent Weapons Statistics : Weapons information and statistics from your last 30 matches.
  • Scoreboards : Live comparisons of up to 4 players for up to 10 matches.
  • Tournaments BETA : Easily manage tournaments with custom scoring, a public leaderboard, and team statistics.
  • Follow Other Players : Follow your squad mates or your favorite streamer for quick access to their stats and match reports.
  • Save Match Reports : Want to save a match for later? Keep all of your favorite match reports in one place longer than standard matches

How to Use PUBG Lookup

In order to use PUBG Lookup, you can simply visit the site here, and start by linking your PUBG account. Once done, you’ll start seeing all the relevant stats. It doesn’t cost you anything and it works on iOS, Android, Windows & Mac.

There’s also an option to save it to your home screen as a native app. There’s also an option to search for other players to compare your stats. This will allow you to find all of your friends’ and favorite streamers’ stats all in one place. Pretty cool, right?

The blog post also noted that the developers are working on some new features including additional ways to compare players, and features designed specifically for tournament organizers.

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The PUBG Lookup application is now live, and you can check it out HERE. It’ll help you get a better understanding of your game, and help you step up your game. You can check out your stats across PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

How do I search for a PUBG Player?

To search for a PUBG Player you need to know what platform the player is on, exactly how to spell their in game name.
1. Go to the PUBG Lookup search page.
2. Select the player’s platform and region.
3. Enter the player’s IGN exactly as it is spelled and formatted ing-game.
Important : You have to type the player’s name exactly as it appears in game. Capitalization, numbers, dashes, underscores… all of it.

I get an error when I search for my player profile.

If you get an error when searching for your profile it could mean that your profile already exists in a different region. If that is the case, the search error notice will let you know about the other account.
If you area looking for your player and you are not getting any results it’s almost always a case of not typing in the player name exactly right. Double check your spelling, capitalization, numbers, underscores and everything to make sure you’re entering the player name exactly right.
If you still can’t find your player profile, please send an email to

Current Season Statistics

Stay on top of season stats for you and your squad. We pull statistics straight from the PUBG servers so you know you’re looking at current information.

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Weapons Statistics

Want to know where your bullets are going over multiple matches? Get information like damage per region, hits per region, kills per weapon, and more with graphs and a clean layout.

Lifetime Statistics

Not only can you get the current season’s statistics but we compile all of your seasons together to give you metrics on your lifetime stats in PUBG. Compare your lifetime stats to your current season to see how you’re improving.

XBOX, PS4, Stadia, & PC Stats

PUBG Lookup supports console and PC statistics. Stadia has recently been released and full support is coming soon. Want to follow your favorite PC streamer but still track your XBOX or PS4 stats? No problem. You can look up statistics for all players available through PUBG’s API.

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