How To Disable Crossplay Warzone in Xbox One

How To Disable Crossplay Warzone – Call of Duty is one of the most popular game, but then the major thing that i shappening recently is alll about How To Disable Crossplay Warzone which is coming into focus.

This problem is arising due to the rising of PC cheaters or some other reasons that actually does not give a level of satisfaction to the dedicated players. Want to know more on How To Disable Crossplay Warzone? In this article, we will discuss on How To Disable Crossplay Warzone. 


How To Disable Crossplay Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone is pretty popular and has a great players base. It is one of the favourite game for most of the gamers when it comes to the gaming mode because this game is filled with great conceot and graphics that is loved by the players.

But then, there are certain issues coming up recently, where most of the players arises question on How To Disable Crossplay Warzone. Why? Because it is believed that certain players want to turn off the crossplay bandwagon due to strict play against the people on your console or PC cheaters, which have been reported many times.

There has been reports that the developers of the game are planning fortnite-like events for future but at the same time, the major of discontent that is upcoming is that the ps4 and the xbox one players are not quite happy and that they are looking for the crossplay to turn off.  Here, we are going to guide those players on How To Disable Crossplay Warzone with proper steps. 

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How To Disable Crossplay Warzone – PS4?

– Start the game on your PS4

– Move towards the options

– Access towards the account tab

– Now, find the crossplay option that is present and then switch it from Enabled to Disabled

How To Disable Crossplay Warzone – Xbox One?

Here, what you need to do is just turn off the crossplay for the game by disabling the option of the multiplayer that is present in the Settings and Account.

However, the players of Xbox One are complaing about the crossplay, where the opton pops up continuously by saying to enable the crossplay. But then, you need to remember to keep that option side and go with the disable option.

How To Disable Crossplay Warzone – FAQ

 1. Do PC players have an advantage?

Yes, PC players have a good advantage when compared to the console players because they have a free range of 360 degrees of motion.

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