Among Us Halloween Costume, How to get Among Us Costumes for Halloween?

Among Us Halloween Costumes – Trick or Treat? Yea! It’s Autumn! We are already in the Halloween season. As Halloween falls on 31st October, in an entire year, we always wait for the spooky Halloween to have some cool themed games.

Among Us Halloween costumes are the recent development when it comes to this game.Among Us, one of the trending games after PubG has gained huge popularity among the gamers.

Among Us developers have come up with great development and custom options such as skins, hats, pets and much more. You can have custom hats as Among Us Halloween costumes. To know more on Among Us Halloween Costumes, do read this article further.

Among Us Halloween Costumes

Among Us is an online sci-fi murder mystery game developed in the US. It is a survival game, where it is played entirely in a space opera like environment. In short, Among Us is a space-themed, action-adventure online game where the players can get a gripping and thrilling experience as a whole.

This game follows a group of crewmates, which among them has an imposter, whose goal is to sabotage their spaceship and kill everyone. As it is a multi-player game, you can team up with your crewmates to have a fun-filled experience.

Interestingly, this game reached a great hit among the gamers, that its sequel which was expected to be released soon, Ironically, Among Us developers cancelled the sequel game due to its vast popularity.

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Among Us Customisation

As the developers decided not to go for a sequel, they are concentrating on the original version and start to develop some extensively updated additions in the game.

When it comes to Among us character costumes, Among Us dev has given options to change the colour, Among Us Custom Skins, changing the name of the character name before every match and players can also have access to add some cosmetics such as hats.

Interestingly they can also get some pets as a part of this game. As the effective custom options or cosmetics, a player can have access are hats, pets and Among Us Custom Skins.

Even though you have to pay for some cosmetics, you can also watch out for some free pets, skins and hats. As Halloween updates, the seasonal hats such as with Halloween, and know how to get Halloween costume hats in Among Us.

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How to get Among Us Costumes for Halloween?

You can get Halloween hats for free in your mobile and PC by just changing the date and time on your device. Follow the below steps to get the Halloween costumes in Among Us

  • Go to your settings option in your device
  • Select the date and time and turn off the automatic clock
  • Change the date and time as of October 29th, 2023 at 23:59
  • Now, open Among Us and wait for 00.00 AM on October 31st
  • Now go to customise menu, where you will find the Among Us Halloween costumes.
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We have provided some updated information on Among Us Halloween costumes and steps to get some cool customised options in Among Us in this article.

Among Us Halloween Costume – FAQ

 1. What are the Halloween Costumes in Among Us?

Halloween costumes in Among Us are skins,hats and pets.

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